Woman of the Night

Heidi Huber

Sarah Gianetto Nov. 21, 2002 12:00 AM

About a year ago, I went on a sin search in Scottsdale that started with a quick trip to a topless bar. Perhaps because women are so inspirational, or maybe because I was sick of doing homework every Sunday night, this week I have accepted an invitation to the Playtime Magazine's 100th Issue Anniversary Party.

How fitting that the party is at Sanctuary, a club I will always associate with toplessness since my escapade at the Playboy auditions. Maybe I would have made the cut if I had won a breast-implant raffle like tonight's, from The Body Sculpting Center.

Sanctuary has done a lot of remodeling, adding a second dance club called Vertigo to their west wing, a VIP platform above the main downstairs bar, and an all-white room. I'll call this the Crest Whitestrips room, because no smoking is allowed in there. (Smoking stains teeth, and white lines blow away, so don't do it!)

Before the grand prize of fake breasts, the Playtime guest of honor, "Devon," is introduced atop the VIP platform. It isn't long before she's being warned over the microphone about the illegality of bare boobs in a non-cabaret venue. And it isn't long before she gets on the microphone herself, causing me to cover my ears to protect them from the screeching and giggling, "Who wants to win some (breasts)?!?"

By the time the lucky lady (questionable) has won her implants, and a bunch of free porn has been given away, I have had my picture taken by three different photographers, and have been tipped by another girl just for standing around. Is it because I look a totally different, with my pink, black, and orange dreadlocks? In the bathroom, tan, lanky women in black or tan swanky outfits surround me. Out in the club I am towered over and bumped around by a lot of husky men in musky leather jackets. It's almost the normal Sanctuary crowd, but "with a twist," as Friend N would say.

So, here I am on another Sunday SIN Search and, yes, I am inspired. I'm inspired to give out my own, private porno party awards...

Best breasts in Scottsdale: Babe's (with stiff competition from Jenna Jameson's new Skin Cabaret) Best breasts near my high school: Bombshells Best breasts on the west side: Baby Dolls Best breasts on the east side: Sonny's My all-time favorite breasts: Mine Best entertainer: Katt Best strip-club DJ: Matt Best general manager: Pat Best bouncer weapon: Bat Best reason for fire: Fat But the best breast inspiration is not all fun and giggles. Breasts are great, so ladies, let's keep them. Every year, 46,000 American women die of breast cancer. You don't have to be one of them. Remember to get a buddy and do your monthly exams. I just did mine today. Azcentral and 12 News make it easy with "Buddy Check 12." Go to to sign up.

Sanctuary 7340 E. Shoeman Lane, Scottsdale (480) 970-5000

Sonny's Bar & Gentleman's Club 19011 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler (480) 963-6632

Baby Dolls 3255 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix (602) 336-9777

Bombshells Cabaret 4420 E, Thomas Road, Phoenix (602) 840-5143

Babe's Cabaret 2011 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale (480) 947-9902

Skin Cabaret 1137 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale (480) 425-SKIN

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